Art by Marvin Silva

Artist at Empire State Studio 134 Broadway 2nd floor, Amityville NY 11701 Call the shop to book:516-414-4249

tattoo conventions

I'm back from Europe! Thank you so much to everyone who hooked us up during our stay. Kim for having us at the Brussels Convention. My family and some new friends. George Perham, Momo, and my girl Caroline for doing this with me! I will be doing some more traveling though. I'll be doing a guestspot at Off The Map from Jan. 9th-12th. Then I'll be at the Philly Tattoo Convention from Feb. 4th-6th. Then I'll be at the Skin Designs Tattoo Expo in Puerto Rico on June 11th-12th. I'll keep you all posted as things happen. Thank you all so much for your support!